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Stevenson screen by Lanser in the Algerian desert


Why is our screen in the Algerian desert?

WMO study in Ghardaïa, Algeria

On behalf of the World Meterological Organization (WMO), the Stevenson screen made by Lanser was part of a study in Ghardaïa, Algeria from November 2008 to October 2009.

The link to the study entitled "WMO FIELD INTERCOMPARISON OF THERMOMETER SCREENS / SHIELDS AND HUMIDITY MEASURING INSTRUMENTS“ can be found here. The results for the Stevenson screen by Lanser can be found on pages 142-157.

Download Study (14MB)

Double roof with lid
keeps out rain
Louvres allow
air to circulate
White paint reduces
heat absorption
Stevenson screen type A
W: 410 mm
D: 410 mm
H: 620 mm
Stevenson screen type B
W: 550 mm
D: 350 mm
H: 620 mm
Stevenson screen size Large
W: 860 mm
D: 555 mm
H: 770 mm