More than
60 years
of experience

Records and drawings of Stevenson screens by Lanser date back to 1961.
Always manufactured in solid wood and continuously improved.


Georg Lanser, the grandfather of today's owners Roland and Arnold Lanser, started manufacturing Stevenson screens for the use of meteorological and climatological measurements many years ago.

Today, as then, the screens were manufactured in the carpentry workshop in Innervillgraten, East Tyrol. The knowledge and art of the carpentry trade has been passed on for generations. In addition to the Stevenson screens, the Lanser carpentry is also known for furnishings and living space de-sign ideas made of solid wood. The family business has been founded in 1877.


Quality work for decades

If you take a look at the first plans and drafts of the Stevenson screens you will notice that the con-struction of individual parts has continuously improved and adapted with the help and support of experts. Constant improvement for the best possible measurement results and protection of the instruments has always been the main focus.

The basic material of the Stevenson screens by Lanser, the local solid wood types spruce and larch, has been used successfully for decades and has proven itself.

Old pictures from the archive of Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics, Vienna-Döbling:

Quality & history in harmony

Fifth-generation family business members are the brothers Roland and Arnold Lanser and are currently running the business. Solid wood has always been the focus of every living space design. Using this natural material – in connection with handcrafted surfaces and wooden connections – pieces of cosiness, warmth and radiance can be created. Processing techniques such as hand planing, dovetail or hand-chopped surfaces emphasize this philosophy. The Lanser carpentry and its employees will continue to implement these techniques also in the future in order to guarantee quality with a history.

For more information on the carpentry please see website.

Double roof with lid
keeps out rain
Louvres allow
air to circulate
White paint reduces
heat absorption
Stevenson screen type A
W: 410 mm
D: 410 mm
H: 620 mm
Stevenson screen type B
W: 550 mm
D: 350 mm
H: 620 mm
Stevenson screen size Large
W: 860 mm
D: 555 mm
H: 770 mm